Event Journal

All event journals are due two weeks after the Honors Event.

Students Admitted to UConn Fall 2018 or After: University Honors Laureate Event Journals

Students admitted to UConn in fall 2018 or later who are pursuing the University Honors Laureate will complete event journals and submit them through Portfolium.  If you were admitted to UConn in fall 2018 or later, DO NOT submit Event Journal reflections using the form below.

Students Admitted to UConn Before Fall 2018: Sophomore Honors Event Journals

Remember, if you plan to earn Sophomore Honors, you will need to submit 5 Honors Event journal entries on time.  Please submit them here.

Why is this form important?  A component of earning the Sophomore Honors award is displaying an interest in activities beyond the classroom. To engage with the Honors community, you are required to participate in five Honors events before the end of your sophomore year. Within two weeks of each event, you must complete an online event journal.

Note: You will receive an email message confirming each event journal submission. Please keep these messages for your records. Honors Programming & Events works hard to make you aware of event opportunities. They will be listed in your Events calendar (via campus mail), advertised on posters, and posted on the Honors bulletin board in Rowe, on Facebook, and in Updates in Honors.

Questions about Honors Event Journals?

Contact the Honors Guides for Peer Success (GPSes) or the Honors Programming & Events Office.