Honors Faculty Member of the Year Award

Each year a member of UConn’s Honors faculty or staff is named the Honors Faculty Member of the Year by the Honors Program, in association with the Honors Council. Students nominate individuals who exceed their duties as advisors and educators.

Past Recipients

2019-2020: Dr. Judy Brown (Allied Health Sciences and Nursing)
2018-2019: Dr. Jennifer Sterling-Folker (Political Science)
2017-2018: Dr. Brian Aneskievich (Pharmaceutical Sciences) & Dr. Kimberly Bergendahl (Political Science)
2016-17: Dr. Blair T. Johnson (Psychological Sciences)
2015-16: Dr. Alaina Brenick (Human Development and Family Studies)
2014-15: Dr. Mark Boyer (Political Science)
2013-14: Dr. Patrick Dragon (Mathematics)
2013-14: Dr. Annamaria Csizmadia (Human Development and Family Studies)
2012-13: Dr. Patricia J. Neafsey (Nursing)
2012-13: Ms. Rebecca Flanagan (Pre-Law)
2011-12: Dr. Virginia Hettinger (Political Science)
2010-11: Dr. William F. Bailey (Chemistry)
2009-10: Dr. Lawrence Gramling (Accounting)
2009-10: Dr. Robert Thorson (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology)
2008-09: Dr. Robert Gross (James L. and Shirley A. Draper Professor of Early American History)
2007-08: Dr. Steven Wisensale (Human Development and Family Studies)
2006-07: Mr. Louis Lombardi (Actuarial Science)
2005-06: Dr. Lawrence Hightower (Molecular and Cell Biology)
2004-05: Dr. Robin Chazdon (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
2003-04: Dr. Harry A. Frank (Chemistry)

Award Purpose

The Honors Faculty Member of the Year Award was created to recognize and thank a teaching faculty or staff member who has made outstanding contributions to the Honors Program and exceeded his/her job expectations in providing exceptional educational experiences to Honors students. The award recipient will be formally recognized at the Honors Medals Ceremony at the end of the academic year.

Requirements for Nominations

  • A nominee must be a full-time faculty or staff member at the University of Connecticut
  • They should exhibit excellence in working with Honors students in a teaching and/or advising capacity.
  • They must have taught an Honors undergraduate course or conversion in which the nominator was a student or served as an Honors advisor or thesis advisor to the nominator.
  • A nominator must be a current Honors student.
  • Teaching assistants and graduate assistants are not eligible.
  • The recipient must agree to appear in person at the Honors Medals Ceremony held each April/May.

Selection Process

  • Nominations are reviewed by the selection committee, comprised of members of the Honors faculty and students from the Honors Council.
  • Nominees will be notified of their nomination in late March. The Honors Program will ask each nominee for confirmation of availability to attend the Honors Medals Ceremony and will also request a current curriculum vitae and description of involvement with the Honors Program.
  • Nominees who confirm availability and submit required materials will continue in the process and be considered by the committee for the award.
  • More than one candidate may receive the award in a given year.

Awardee Expectations

  • You will submit a biography and photograph of yourself for use by the University. Your biography and image will be included in the event program and posted on the Honors website.
  • You will agree to attend the Medals Ceremony in April/May during the weekend prior to Commencement. You are encouraged to invite faculty, family, and friends.  You will wear regalia and accept your medal on stage.
  • You will be asked to give a “Last Lecture” presentation to the Honors community in the following academic year.

Please email honorsevents@uconn.edu to request additional information.