Rowe Scholars Funding Request Form

A funding request form needs to be submitted for each activity for which you hope to receive funding. This form requires the potential uploading of several documents, one of which may be an abstract if you’re conducting research. If you need help creating an abstract, see the Guidelines for Abstract Preparation. You will definitely be required to upload a budget with documentation of charges. If you need help creating a budget, see the Guidelines for Budget Preparation.

IMPORTANT: Prior to beginning a funding request, please select the link below based on the activity you plan to participation in, for a list of required materials.

Experiential Global Learning
Professional Development
Research Funding

The opportunity for which you are applying for funding must be:

  1. tightly aligned with your professional goals, and
  2. the most efficient and effective way for you to attain your goal.

Make it obvious in your answers to the questions below exactly how this opportunity meets these two requirements .

It will take at least five weeks from the time your application is submitted for you to receive funding!

If you have any questions, please e-mail