Rowe Scholars Research Funding

Research is an essential part of the Rowe Scholars Program, and may be construed as scholarly investigation into a health related subject in order to reveal or revise facts or theories. The intent of conducting such an activity is to expose students to a broad view of health care opportunities and to help them make important decisions about post graduation plans. All Rowe Scholars are expected to have an undergraduate research experience as a component of their academic experience at UConn. In order to support this requirement, there are various funding opportunities available for students.

 What are Rowe Scholars researching? Take a look!


To apply for funding you will need to use the Rowe Scholars Funding Request Form. Be prepared to include the following information with the application:

  • documentation that your PI is agreeable to having you conduct this research.
  • documentation that you’re covered by your PI’s IRB/IACUC approval or that IRB/IACUC approval isn’t required for this research.
  • an abstract (see Guidelines for Abstract Preparation for more information).
  • a line item budget that includes: (see Guidelines for Budget Preparation for more information)
    • a grand total.
    • documentation that supports the amounts used in the budget.
  • the name and contact information of someone in the department who’s responsible for financial transfers if your requested funding will be going directly to the department to pay or reimburse for supplies.
  • a brief description of the research.
  • rationale for participation in the activity; how it’s tightly aligned with your professional goals and how it’s the most efficient and effective way for you to attain your goals.
  • participation in Rowe.

Approved Requests

Please Note: It will take at least five weeks from the time your application is submitted for you to receive funding!

If a student has an outstanding balance owed the university when funds are awarded, those funds will be applied to the balance due. To make sure you receive your funding, you need to have a zero balance.

Students must submit a poster to the annual Frontiers in Undergraduate Research poster exhibition. Presentations at other campus events and professional conferences are also encouraged.

Opportunities Beyond the Rowe Scholars Program

UConn Health’s Office of Health Career Opportunity Programs offers two research experiences that do not require a Rowe Scholar to apply for a Rowe research award. This includes the Health Disparities Clinical Summer Research Fellowship Program and the Summer Research Fellowship Program. Both provide housing and a stipend. Other research programs at UConn Health that don’t require Rowe funding are the College Summer Fellowship Program and the Undergraduate Summer Research Internship in Biological and Biomedical Sciences.


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