HIPS: Meet the Coordinators!

HIPS (Honors Initiatives for Prospective Students) has four student coordinators who, with the help of an advisor, oversee the program.  The coordinators are responsible for maintaining communication with prospective students via email and social media.  They also play a major role in putting together Open House events and meet-and-greets for prospective students.  The four coordinators have written posts to introduce themselves and to explain what being a UConn Husky means to them.  One can notice the themes of pride in community and engaging academics as a commonality in all of the posts.


 Laura Santry, Honors student, class of 2014
Physiology & Neurobiology (PNB) and Spanish major
Molecular & Cellular Biology (MCB) minor

 My favorite part of being a UConn Husky is the pride and sense of community I feel on campus.  I love attending football, basketball, soccer and hockey games to cheer for the Huskies.  I also enjoy when the entire UConn community comes together to show their Husky Pride for events such as Homecoming, Husky-thon, Lip-Sync, Relay for Life and so much more! Furthermore, as a member of the Honors Program, I have enjoyed taking interdisciplinary Honors core classes.


Lauren Silverio, Honors student, class of 2015
English and Psychology major
Spanish minor

Being a UConn Husky carries special meaning for every student at the University.  It can mean being actively involved in athletics through any of the Division 1 sports teams, club sports, or intramurals; it can mean being a contributing member of volunteer organizations both on and off campus; it can mean engaging in challenging and rewarding academic pursuits in any of the numerous programs that are offered.  Most importantly, being a UConn Husky means that all of these different opportunities are always at our disposal – we can be involved in all aspects of student life whether it be athletics, volunteer experience, or academics throughout our time here.  More than anything else, being a UConn Husky means showing pride in the University and enthusiasm for our experience.



 Quian Callender, Honors student, class of 2016
Health Care Management major
Public Policy minor

My favorite part of being a Husky includes the ability always meet new people from all walks of life and across all interests.  In addition to UConn’s size, tight communities and close, lasting relationships with peers form.  There’s a huge sense of pride that’s apparent everyday especially during UConn traditions such as Homecoming Week and athletic games.  As a UConn student, you will have the opportunity to pursue any of your interests through the Honors Program, clubs, organizations, volunteering opportunities, internships, and research.



Shilpa Kolli, Honors student, class of 2015
Environmental Science major,
Chemistry concentration (Pre-Med Track)

My favorite part of being a UConn Husky is having the freedom to pursue just about any academic opportunity while also having a rich extracurricular experience.  For example, although I am a pre-medical student, I am able to learn about the environment and do research in environmental chemistry while staying on the pre-med track.  Another great part of UConn is how great the faculty is about encouraging students to pursue research and independent learning because this really helps to shape how engaged students are in their studies.  Students at UConn are given the opportunity to really pursue any of their goals here, both in and outside of the classroom.


Coordinator Office Hours (held in the Honors Programming and Events Office in Buckley):

Quian – Mondays 10-11am

Laura – Mondays 12-2pm

Shilpa – Tuesday 9-10am

Lauren – Thursdays 1-2pm


Please feel free to contact any of the coordinators at uconnhips@gmail.com.  We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about UConn.