2013 Rowe Scholar: Rabale Hasan

Rabale Hasan
Rabale Hasan (Junior)

Rabale Hasan, a graduate of Hall High School, is a first-generation American-born citizen. Though she resides in West Hartford, CT, her family is originally from Pakistan. A long time participant in UConn’s Health Career Opportunity Programs (HCOP), Rabale conducted research on E. coli in sprouts and the use of bacteriophage as treatment during the High School Student Research Apprenticeship Program. As a member of the Pre-College Enrichment Program she researched different conditions and materials used in the creation of bone scaffolds. She has also taken part in the College Enrichment Program and the MCAT Preparatory Program. A psychology major on the pre-med track, Rabale’s professional interests are in neuroscience and neurology. She’s a self-described photography fanatic who loves taking pictures, editing them, and sharing them with friends and family. As a Husky, Rabale has traveled to Peru and Guatemala with the Medical Humanitarian Society to spread awareness of health issues and provide check-ups for the locals.