MCB 2225 Cell Biology Laboratory: Now with fewer pre-requisites!

Instructor: David Knecht

Many Honors students in the life sciences have benefited from MCB 2225, a laboratory experience designed to prepare you for the research laboratory by exploring experimental design, data analysis, and data presentation in the context of learning to work with living cells. Professor Knecht would like to allow Honors students the opportunity to take the course early in the college experience, so he is removing the pre- or co-requisite of MCB 2210 to encourage Honors students to take the class earlier in their academic careers. The only pre-requisite for MCB 2225 will be BIOL 1107, and it is open to any interested Honors student who meets that pre-requisite.

Note: This change in pre-requisites may not be reflected in the StudentAdmin system by the time you register. If you are unable to register due to missing the MCB 2210 pre/co-requisite but you have taken BIOL 1107, please request a permission number from Professor Knecht (