FREN 1177-002: Witches & Wizards in France

Magicians, Witches, Wizards: Parallel Beliefs and Popular Culture in France
Instructor: Anne Berthelot

This course will focus on the search for traces of a counter culture which grew out of pagan beliefs and remained latent despite the domination of Christianity from the Middle Ages to modern times. It will entail the survey of tales of magic and witchcraft, as presented by texts and films. Texts will include both primary and secondary sources, and will vary in genre, providing students with a wide range of perspectives and insights into the evolution and diversification of this counter culture. Special attention will be given to well-known supernatural figures including the witch, the vampire, and the were-beast, as well as key themes including witch-hunts, witch trials, spiritism, and voodoo.

The honors discussion section, which meets in addition to the lecture class, provides students with an opportunity to more deeply explore and discuss particular topics covered in lecture. Through a combination of discussion in a smaller group setting and individual research projects, students will gain insight in breadth and depth on topics related to those covered in lecture.

(CA 1, CA 4-Int)