SPAN/LLAS 1009-002: Latina/o Literature, Culture and Society

Instructor: Guillermo Irizarry

This honors course will study and discuss how Latin@ identity is represented and what historical events have marked its social and cultural articulation. These concerns will guide our course, as we review significant US Latin@s cultural products and practices. We will study the relationship of this community with Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, and analyze how gender, race, sexuality, class, and other socio-historical factors affect the production of identities in literature, film, photography, and other cultural practices. Required texts include: Juan González. Harvest of Empire (Penguin Books. 2000), Marcelo Suárez Orozco’s Latinos: Remaking America (U of California P, 2008), and selected texts by Gloria Anzaldúa, Junot Díaz, Daniel Alarcón, Cristina García, an others. Evalutation will be based on three exams (30%); short reaction papers (30%); class participation (10%); final paper (30%).

(CA 1, CA 4)