This class has been cancelled for Spring 2018.

Instructor: Osvaldo Pardo

This course, which is taught in English, will introduce students to Latin American modern literature by exploring a wide variety of works by twentieth-century and contemporary male and female writers who expanded, renewed and questioned the possibilities of narrative forms and genres in an effort to redefine inherited notions of “realism.” Some of the topics to be discussed include the modernization and internationalization of Latin American literature; the changing relation between authors and the market; the politics of translation of Latin American literature; the place of literature in a global age, among others. The authors to be read and discussed include Jorge Luis Borges, Felisberto Hernández, Silvina Ocampo, Clarice Lispector, Mario Bellatin, and Samanta Schweblin, among others.

The course will be conducted as a seminar, which means that active and regular participation in class discussions is essential and expected.

CA 1, CA 4-Int.