EEB 3205: Current Issues in Environmental Science

Appropriate for honors students at all class levels, Current Issues in Environmental Science (nicknamed “Alternative Futures”) explores a wide variety of current issues emphasizing linkages between earth, oceans, atmosphere, and biosphere. Topics include: earth processes, climate change; human population; food resources; genetically-engineered organisms; soil/water/air resources; alternative energy; biodiversity; deforestation/restoration; urban planning; risk assessment; tradeoffs; problem-solving. The format includes guest and instructor lectures, class discussions, student-led presentations of scientific and media-reported current events, group and individual projects, and more.

I’m very excited to introduce a discussion/activity section to accompany the course. It is experimental this semester and so listed under EEB 3895. Please sign up for both courses. The discussion section includes field trips (e.g., visit to a zero energy house, recycling facility, UConn co-gen facility, UConn Conservation Area, and guest lectures from award-winning environmentalists from a variety of professions).