ERTH 1055: Geoscience and the American Landscape

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Not open to students who have passed GSCI 1010, 1050, 1051, or 1070. Formerly offered as GSCI 1055. Equivalent to ERTH 1051 for the purposes of prerequisites.

This is the Honors version of introductory geoscience. The goal is for students to learn how Earth works, what its history has been, and how this knowledge can be put to good use — for example to reframe the climate crisis, ecological collapse, human inequality, and our planetary future.

The main pedagogy involves active learning through pre-class podcasts, readings, campus field trips, student leadership, and a final engagement project presented in a student symposium.

In this course, students will:

  • Understand how the Earth works as a holistic system.
  • Realize that social systems and ecosystems are subsystems of Earth.
  • Reflect on geoscience as STEM career with excellent job prospects involving environmental risk and water, material, and energy resources.
  • Learn that a major in geosciences provides a solid platform for graduate education in non-STEM fields.

General Education information ERTH 1055 alone is a CA 3 non-laboratory course. If you add the ERTH 1052 geology laboratory (either in the same semester or a future one), you may request the conversion of ERTH 1055 to fulfill your CA 3-Laboratory requirement.