PNB 5700: Sensory Physiology

Graduate courses act as Honors credit, as long as you earn a grade of B- or higher.

Instructor: Karen Menuz

Recommended preparation: This graduate course is an advanced version of PNB 3700. As such, it is appropriate for senior Honors students with credit for PNB 2274 or 3251.

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of sensory physiology. Special attention is paid to the receptors, receptor cells, and tissue physiology in peripheral sensory organs. The course covers senses that are familiar to humans, such as olfaction, taste, vision, touch, and hearing, and those that we lack such as magnetoreception, electroreception, and infrared detection. A comparative approach will be taken, highlighting the common principles and key differences in select sensory systems in vertebrates, invertebrates, and other organisms.