MATH Courses Spring 2021

The following MATH courses will be offered as Honors in Spring 2021, all via distance learning:

MATH 1132Q 077D Calculus II David McArdle
MATH 1132Q 078D Calculus II David McArdle
MATH 1132Q Z84 Calculus II [UConn Stamford] Richard Watnick
MATH 2110Q 106D Multivariable Calculus Katherine Hall
MATH 2142Q 001 Advanced Calculus II Myron Minn-Thu-Aye
MATH 2144Q 001 Advanced Calculus IV Iddo Ben Ari
MATH 2210Q 013 Applied Linear Algebra Matthew Badger
MATH 2410Q 003 Elem Differential Equations Michael Biro
MATH 3094 001 Undergraduate Seminar Jeremy Teitelbaum & Kyu-Hwan Lee

The topics for MATH 3094 (Undergraduate Seminar) change every semester. For Spring 2021, the topic is Machine Learning.