AMST 1700: Honors Core: American Landscapes – The Hudson Valley as Geo-Cultural Locale

[UConn Storrs]

This course will explore the layers of material, cultural, and historical fact and meaning centered on a single complex American site. Working from several disciplinary perspectives, we will study the Hudson Valley as a place notable for its extreme landforms, its importance to commercial and technological change, and its cultural, historical, and cross‑cultural significance.

Note This class is defined in the catalog as open to freshmen and sophomores in the Honors Program. If you are an Honors student who will have 54 or more credits when this course is offered, you may register by emailing and including (1) your name; (2) your 7-digit Student Admin number; (3) your registration “pick time”; (4) the course number and section; (5) the class number from Student Admin; and (6) confirmation that there are seats available in the course.