ENGL Honors classes, Fall 2022

All of these courses carry the pre-requisite of first-year writing (ENGL 1007, 1010, 1011, or 2011).

ENGL 2405-001: Drama

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Instructor: Sarah Winter

This course will provide an introduction to the history, theory, and performance of drama. We will study major plays, dramatic genres, and changing theatrical conventions from classical Greek drama to the present. Assignments will include: a presentation on the staging and performance of a play, with a short paper; a longer comparative paper on tragedy or comedy; take-home midterm; final exam; class discussion participation; and a review of a performance at the Connecticut Repertory Theatre.

CA 1.

ENGL 2413-001: The Graphic Novel

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Instructor: Katherine Capshaw

This course explores the history and theory of the graphic novel. We will explore a variety of approaches to the genre, from superhero narratives to graphic memoir, from manga to contemporary experimental texts. While no single course can offer a comprehensive summation of such a vast and various body of work, our class will address the field’s major generic threads. We will also develop an understanding of the ‘grammar’ involved in reading a panel, page, and entire comics sequence. Alongside the narratives we will read secondary sources that explore aesthetic and theoretical debates within the field. One of our objectives is to support each other as we engage the critical discourse around comics and graphic novels: we will share sources and insights and offer constructive feedback as we work together to produce informed and incisive term papers.

CA 1.

ENGL 2701-004: Creative Writing I

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Instructor: Sean Forbes

Finding Your Artistic Voice Through Creative Writing Prompts

In this introduction to creative writing class, we will examine the different approaches that a writer can take when trying to establish a speaker in a poem or short story. We will look at exemplary works of poetry and fiction from writers like David Dominguez, Allison Joseph, Richard Blanco, and Justin Torres. Students will produce a final portfolio of their original work. Class participation is an essential component to this largely workshop-based course along with weekly writing prompts such as writing in iambic pentameter and challenging prose sketches.