Honors Initiative for Prospective Students (HIPS)

Honors Initiative for Prospective Students (HIPS) is a student-run group that wants to help you learn more about the unique opportunities of the UConn Honors Program at UConn Storrs. HIPS student coordinators organize events to provide prospective students and their families with personal and honest insight into UConn Storrs and the UConn Honors Program from the perspective of current students. Learn more about how you can connect with Honors students who can share their experiences and answer your questions.

Are you interested in seeing what it is like to be a first-year UConn Honors student? Watch one of these videos:

As a student-run organization, the Honors Initiative for Prospective Students (HIPS) group is led by specially selected and trained student coordinators. HIPS student coordinators are current Honors students with varied interests both in and out of the classroom. They have created events and other ways to reach out to you. They want to help you as you make the decision to enroll at UConn Storrs in the Honors Program. After all, they were in your position and selecting their college not that long ago.

Meet the HIPS Student Coordinators

2022-2023 HIPS Coordinator – Now at UConn Storrs but Spent First Year at the UConn Stamford Campus

  • Bridget, Sophomore, Major: Animal Science

2022-2023 HIPS Coordinators – UConn Storrs Campus

  • Carolyn, Junior, Majors: Finance; Political Science
  • Julia, Sophomore, Majors: Mathematics; Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Melissa, Sophomore, Major: Animal Science
  • Tom, Senior, Majors: English; Mathematics

Virtual Experiences

We are excited to virtually connect with you as you learn more about the Honors Program at UConn. For more information about upcoming events and on-demand sessions, click here.

Ask HIPS a question: uconnhips@gmail.com

In addition to connecting with HIPS, feel free to reach out to Honors staff members by emailing honors@uconn.edu.