Honors Orientation FAQs (Stamford)

I read about my advising and registration appointment, but can you tell me more about what to expect? 

  • Individual meeting (you and Akosua Agyei, Honors & Enrichment Program Coordinator, UConn Stamford), aka your “go to” for any questions now or later!
  • Introductions – getting to know each other
  • Review of your Interactive Advising Worksheet
  • Discussion of your interests, major, and course options for fall 2024
  • Finalizing enrollment in a full-time (at least 12 credits) schedule for fall 2024
  • Support and resource sharing as you make decisions about your fall 2024 schedule

Will I work with my Honors Advisor at Orientation?

All Honors students at Stamford will work with Akosua Agyei, Honors & Enrichment Program Coordinator, UConn Stamford. Akosua serves as Honors Advisor for all Honors Stamford students in the Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) and as a secondary advisor and resource for all Honors students in Stamford. Your Honors Advisor in your major will be listed in your Student Admin account (later this summer).  If you have follow-up questions related to your major after your registration session, it is best to ask your Honors Advisor in your major.  For questions related to Honors requirements, email akosua.agyei@uconn.edu and honors@uconn.edu (just in case Akosua is out of the office).

I am expecting AP credit but I don’t have my scores yet, what should I do?

At least a week prior to your Orientation session, you will need to complete the Honors Interactive Advising Worksheet where you will indicate earned and expected ECE, AP, and IB credits. At Orientation, you will discuss your options based on your expected credits. Once you receive your scores, you will need to request that the College Board send them to UConn.

How do I change my major?

Right now, you may request a change to your major through your Applicant Portal. Undergraduate Admissions will review your request and notify you of any updates. If not approved prior to starting at UConn, you can discuss changing your major with Akosua Agyei and/or your Honors advisor once you start the fall semester.

I already registered and I want to change my schedule. What should I do?

We understand that sometimes changes need to be made to a student’s schedule after Orientation. We recommend that you “swap don’t drop” so that you do not lose a seat before getting another. Reach out to both honors@uconn.edu and akosua.agyei@uconn.edu with any questions.