Welcome to the Honors Program!

We are excited to work with you as you transition to UConn Stamford! Your Honors Orientation experience will take place over two days. Day one you will be on campus, meeting your peers, gathering with Honors students, and working with the Advising Team to discuss your major, areas of interest, academic policies, and general University requirements. Day two will include a virtual advising and registration meeting with Kaitlin Heenehan, Honors Program Assistant Director at UConn Stamford, when you will register for your fall 2022 classes. You will receive your specific meeting time and information for day two, sent to both your personal and UConn email accounts, prior to the date you selected. It is expected that you make yourself available for the entire two day program, however the day two virtual advising and registration meeting will only be one hour in the 9am-4pm timeframe.

The information that you received in the required Orientation modules (see below for links to the videos) and the information you receive during your on-campus Orientation session is extremely important in understanding your requirements. Please review these materials closely, take notes, and make a list of questions for your advisor.

You will receive an email (to your UConn and personal emails) from Kaitlin Heenehan prior to the day of your confirmed advising & registration appointment, which will take place on WebEx, between 9am-4pm. During your assigned time, you will work individually with Kaitlin, your Honors orientation advisor as you register for your fall 2022 courses.

Check out this clip of the Director of Honors, Dr. Jennifer Lease Butts, talking about a concept in Honors that’s really important to us…staying “whelmed.” We’re here to help you “Stay Whelmed” during Orientation and beyond!

Click the Before Advising tab to learn more about preparing for your Orientation advising session and for a list of required tasks to complete before your on-campus Orientation session and your advising and registration appointment.

Honors Orientation Module Refresher: These videos were part of the Honors Orientation Module that you viewed prior to picking an Orientation session. If you would like to refresh your memory, feel free to watch them again!

Honors Orientation Reminders (will be reviewed during your on-campus Orientation session)