Fall 2022 Honors Courses - Stamford 

Note: This list is particularly for use by Honors first-year students at UConn Stamford during Orientation. Additional Honors courses open to sophomores or higher are listed in StudentAdmin. UNIV 1784 options can be found here.

ANTH 1000, Section Z85D (13918): Peoples and Cultures of the World

*An introduction to the anthropological understanding of human society through ethnographic case studies of selected peoples and cultures, exploring the richness and variety of human life. Encourages students to learn about different cultures and to apply their knowledge to make sense of their own society. 

Fridays, 2:30-5pm and an additional discussion time every month from 1:30-2:30pm on Fridays for the Honors section (Z85Discussion auto adds the Z85 lecture portion).

Fulfills: General Education Content Area(s): CA 2 and CA4 - INT; University Honors Laureate: SS and D&M. Fulfills Business International requirement for School of Business.

PHIL 1104, Section Z87 (12241): Philosophy and Social Ethics

*Topics may include the nature of the good life, the relation between social morality and individual rights, and practical moral dilemmas. 

Fridays 10:10AM-12:40PM

Fulfills: General Education Content Area: CA 1; University Honors Laureate: A&H; Fulfills requirement for School of Engineering and is one of the School of Business Business Philosophy course options.

PSYC 1100, Section Z90D (13769): General Psychology I

*Basic principles that underlie mental processes and behavior; research methodology, biopsychology, sensation, perception, learning, memory and language. Ordinarily this course should be taken in the fall semester. 

M/W/F from 10:10AM-11AM, with an additional discussion time weekly from 11:15AM-12:05PM on Fridays for the Honors section (Z90Discussion auto adds the Z90 M/W/F lecture).

Fulfills: General Education Content Area: CA 3; University Honors Laureate: STEM; Suggested at some point before graduation for pre-medical/dental students. Fulfills Business Psychology requirement for School of Business.


*Course descriptions from the 2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog.

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Note: future Honors courses will be announced prior to course registration for the semester offered.