UNIV 1784 Sections

All first-year Honors students will take a section of UNIV 1784 (Honors First Year Seminar) in the fall. One portion of the class will be led by a faculty member (full descriptions below), while the other portion will be led by peer facilitators. The facilitator portion of UNIV 1784 is a critical way in which incoming Honors students are supported. Expect an introduction to academic and social resources, cultivation of your relationships with other Honors students, advice on succeeding at UConn and in Honors, and a focus on “staying whelmed.”

Students not registered for UNIV 1784 on the 10th day of classes will be eligible for dismissal from the Honors Program.

Z81 (Class Number 12229)

The Lives and Times of Political Activists

Ingrid Semaan 

M/W 11:15am - 12:05pm

Can we change the world? In this class, we will learn about the lives of U.S.-based activists who have tried to do just that. We will examine various inequalities in the United States, how and why some people are motivated to dedicate their lives to social change, and what activists' lives look like. We will explore these themes by watching documentaries as well as reading articles, book chapters, and graphic non-fiction. Some activists we may study include Angela Davis, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Winona LaDuke, Chris Smalls, Sylvia Rivera, Grace Lee Boggs, Cesar Chavez, and Judy Heumann.


FULL Z82 (Class Number 12458)

The Psychology of Culture, Art, Food, and Travel

Note, this class is currently full, please select from either section above or below. 

Lori Gresham

M/W 1:25-2:15pm

How does experience shape us? This course will explore culture, art, food, and travel from a psychological perspective. Why is food an important part of our cultural identity? Can a work of art change how we see the world? Does the brain re-wire itself when we travel? What happens when we are suddenly embedded in a culture that is not our own? We will try to answer these and many other questions over the course of the semester. This is a sample of what you can expect from this course: We will read about Viennese “coffee culture” and it’s influence on the field of psychology in the 1800s. We will watch documentaries on how African American cooking and cuisine shaped America. We will view and discuss art in its many forms. And finally, we will experience the food from many cultures.

Z83 (Class number 12441)

An exploration of mainstream media: Are we what we watch?

Anne Borsai-Basaran

M/W 2:30pm - 3:20pm

How does media shape our lives? How does media teach us how to love, dress, make friends, work, and be healthy? In this course we’ll explore the role media plays in our everyday lives. First, we’ll start by discussing seminal mass communication theories and their applicability to the media landscape today. Furthermore, we will identify and critically analyze the influence of media artifacts from mainstream culture (i.e. social media platforms, TV streaming services, podcasts) on our worldview. Lastly, we will discuss ways through which we can improve our own and other’s media literacy skills.