UNIV 1784 Sections

All first-year Honors students will take a section of UNIV 1784 (Honors First Year Seminar) in the fall. One portion of the class will be led by a faculty member (full descriptions below), while the other portion will be led by peer facilitators. The facilitator portion of UNIV 1784 is a critical way in which incoming Honors students are supported. Expect an introduction to academic and social resources, cultivation of your relationships with other Honors students, advice on succeeding at UConn and in Honors, and a focus on “staying whelmed.”

Students not registered for UNIV 1784 on the 10th day of classes will be eligible for dismissal from the Honors Program.

Section 890 (Class Number 10678)

College, Community, and Collaborative Learning

Laura Bunyan

Tu/Th 8:30-9:20AM

How can community engagement support academic learning and outcomes? How can the work students do and their interests contribute to their college experience and enhance their campus and community? This class seeks to address these questions and familiarize students with ways they can be active participants on campus and in solving issues students face.

Section 891 (Class number 10679)

Exploring Stamford’s History

Mars Plater

Tu/Th 12:30PM-1:20PM

This course will investigate how major themes in U.S. history played out in our very own Stamford. We will learn how Indigenous land became a colonial settlement, how segregation shaped urban development, how transportation systems impacted this city, and more. This course will introduce you to historical research, as you spend the semester learning how to find and analyze old documents that can reveal parts of Stamford’s story.