Rowe Community

Rowe is a community. Small groups, called “family trees”, have been created to form strong connections between a few of the Scholars, but the program as a whole is a family as well. We are all here to support each other, including the program coordinators, the Steering Committee, and the alumni, to offer networking, brainstorming, and anything they know about funding opportunities. All the people mentioned are here to provide support. Everyone involved with Rowe is a great resource.


Rowe families:Rowe at Launch

  • Snickers Family
    • Bella Rendon, Sandra Osei-Boasiako, Paulo Belato, Hanya Ouda, Michael Kerr, Victor Jacome, Taina Quiles
  • M&Ms Family
    • Tanya Miller, Meghan Long, Romoye Sohan, Gaby Davila, Stephanie Akosa, Cristian Osorio, Elise Wardell, Kevin Okifo
  • Reese’s Family
    • Jiana Baker, Jaydel Hernandez, Zaiba Khan, Yvette Oppong, Ashlie Delskey, Maifrak Sobrino, Sara Mohamedzein, Marcus Patterson
  • Kit Kat Family
    • Roselyn Terrazos-Moreno, Tiffany Addy, Shaharia Ferdus, Leroy Griffiths, Jr., Drew Hungerford, Faria Mahjabin, Ashley Balfour, Stacy-Ann Wallen
  • Skittles Family
    • Maria Guerrero, Angelo Franco, Jerome Jacobs, Lourdes Leguiza, Camila Martinez, Tyra Vanriel, Wesia Malik, John Ogando

In the spirit of friendly competition to push every Rowe Scholar to get the most out of the program and his/her academics, families engage in “Rowe Candyland”, in which families receive points for certain activities. The two highest point earning families will win a prize at the end of the academic year.

  • Point System
    • Entire family attends a Rowe event = 4 pts. (Verified by sign-in sheets.)
    • Half or more of the family attends a Rowe event = 2 pts. (Verified by sign-in sheets.)
    • Photo of family at an event, with a minimum of four members in it = 3 pts. (Verified by photo e-mail to E Board.)
    • Photo of entire family doing something outside of Rowe = 4 pts. (Verified by photo e-mail to E Board.)
    • Photo of half of family doing something outside of Rowe = 3 pts. (Verified by photo e-mail to E Board.)
    • Each member of the family attends at least 80% of the Rowe events for the semester = 5 pts. (Verified by sign-in sheets.)
    • Each family member who earns a fall semester GPA of at least 3.4 = 2 pts. (Verified by Dr. Kim at end of semester.)
    • For each nominee a family submits for the Rowe Lecture = 1 pt. (Verified by Dr. Kim.)
    • Entire family votes on Rowe Lecture nominees = 3 pts. (Verified by Dr. Kim.)