Rowe Scholar Policies

rowes on iceTerms of Acceptance

Students who have accepted the Rowe Scholarship have agreed to:

  • remain a member in good standing of the UConn Honors Program at Storrs;
  • participate in the John and Valerie Rowe Health Professions Scholars Program (“Rowe Scholars Program” or “Program”) which includes, but is not limited to:
    • attendance at events, meetings, lectures, and field trips, including a once a semester check-in meeting;
    • attending an advising meeting each semester with a member of the Rowe Scholars Program advising staff;
    • enrollment in UNIV 3784: The Health of Communities during the spring semester of one’s first year as a Rowe Scholar;
    • fulfillment of any and all requirements, including answering communications in a timely fashion;
    • involvement in mentoring opportunities, community service, and engagement in working towards a health-related career;
    • attendance (when possible and as appropriate) at events that recognize scholarship recipients and acknowledge donor generosity.

Participation will be assessed at the end of each semester. Should a student fail to meet these expectations, the Honors Program will provide the student with written notice of its decision of his/her removal from the Rowe Scholars Program. The student will have an opportunity to meet with the Director of the Honors Program within fourteen (14) days of receiving the written notice to provide any information as to why he/she should not be removed from the Rowe Scholars Program. Following this meeting, the Director of the Honors Program will decide whether to remove the student from the Rowe Scholars Program. The Director’s final decision will be in writing and not subject to appeal. The student will forfeit all benefits associated with membership in the Rowe Scholars Program, including but not limited to obtaining research, opportunities abroad, and professional development funds and any remaining installments of the scholarship. Note that the disbursement of the $500 book award is contingent upon students attending 80% of Rowe events in the preceding semester. See the below Conditions of Earning the Book Award section for more information.

Dismissal and Reinstatement Policy

Students who are in good standing or on probation with the Honors Program are considered to be in good standing with the Rowe Scholars Program. Students who are dismissed from the Honors Program are considered to be dismissed from the Rowe Scholars Program. Students dismissed from the Rowe Scholars Program may write a letter to the program coordinator(s) requesting a review and justifying consideration for reinstatement into the Rowe Scholars Program. Letters of appeal must be received by the coordinator(s) by the tenth day of classes of the semester following dismissal. The coordinator(s) will respond within seven business days. Students may submit a letter of appeal one time during their undergraduate career at UConn.

If you submit an appeal, please know while we will make every effort to review your appeal as soon as possible, it may not be reviewed immediately upon receipt. We hope that you will feel comfortable being candid with us about any issues that have affected your academic performance. Please remember that our staff members are mandated reporters for Title IX issues; anything you submit in this appeal would be subject to UConn reporting policies. If you feel you need more immediate assistance or support, we encourage you to reach out to the Dean of Students Office and/or Counseling and Mental Health Services. In addition, if you have concerns related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence and/or stalking, we encourage you to review the resources and reporting options available at:

Participation Policy

Excuses must be submitted via the Google form no less than 24 hours prior to the event. Excuses submitted later than that will not be accepted. For access to the form, please contact If you fill out the form and do not hear back from either an Executive Board member or Dr. Anne Kim before the start of the event, consider your request approved. We will only reach out to you if there is an issue.

The only legitimate reasons for missing a Rowe event are:

  • A class or an exam occurring at the time of the event. Don’t schedule Thursday evening classes if there’s an option to do otherwise.
  • An illness for which one must go to Student Health Services/hospital
  • A family or legal emergency
  • Research requiring immediate attention (details required)
  • Major religious holidays
  • Professional development activities occurring at the time of the event
  • Playing in a DI sporting event at the time of the event
  • Work at the time of the event (only allowed once per semester)

Conditions of Earning the Book Award

Disbursement of the $500 book award is contingent upon students attending at least 80% of Rowe events the preceding semester. Thus, new Rowe Scholars are not eligible for the book award their first semester in the program. See the above Participation Policy section for valid reasons for missing an event. Books and/or supplies purchased with this award may not exceed the $500 limit, and must be for the sole use of the Rowe Scholar who earned the award. A misuse of funds could result in dismissal from the Rowe Scholars Program.


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