Rowe Scholars Governance

The Rowe Scholars Program has dual governance. In addition to the Rowe Scholars Steering Committee, the program relies on the leadership and dedication of its student members.

Members of the 2018-2019 Rowe Scholars Steering Committee. Left to right: Dr. Tom Regan, Medicine; Dr. Justin Nash, Allied Health; Dr. Granville Wrensford, HCOP; Dr. Kerry-Ann Stewart, HCOP; Dr. Mimi Snyder, Nursing; and Dr. Phil Hritcko, Pharmacy. Not pictured: Dr. Lindsay DiStefano, Kinesiology; Dr. Jennifer Lease Butts, Honors; Dr. Donna Paolella, Dental; Isabella Rendon, Student Representative; Dr. Keat Sanford, Pre-Med/Dent Office; Mr. Mark Siraco, Graduate Medical Education Finance; and Dr. Viviane Trinh, Alumni Representative.

Rowe Scholars Steering Committee

The Rowe Scholars Program is overseen by a Steering Committee, members of which serve three year terms. The committee meets twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring semester. Sub-committees of the Rowe Scholars Program may meet more frequently to make decisions about admissions and the Rowe Lecture.

Steering Committee members include:

Student Steering Committee Representative

The student representative to the Rowe Scholars Steering Committee is appointed by his/her peers to act as liaison between the Rowe Scholars and the Steering Committee, the program’s administrative body. He/she is there to voice student support and concern for various initiatives and protocols. In addition, the student representative also shares news and updates about the students with the rest of the Steering Committee and vice versa. This student has voting rights within the Steering Committee and is also a member of the Student Body Executive Board.

Student Steering Committee member: Bella Rendon


Mission of the Student Body Executive Board

Jiana Baker, Sarah Patterson, Julise Marsh, Black Women in STEM brunch
Jiana Baker (Rowe ’20), Dr. Sarah Patterson (Rowe ’14), Julise Marsh (Rowe ’18) at the Black Women in STEM Brunch

To ensure that all Rowe Scholars are being offered and are taking advantage of opportunities relevant to them, a Student Body Executive Board was created. The mission of the board is to aid fellow Rowe Scholars by assisting in their academic advancement, ensuring participation in community events, and providing enrichment opportunities created to prepare them for the professional field of their choosing. The Executive Board is composed of five students.

Board Chairperson: Tanya Miller
Board Secretary: Jiana Baker

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