Special Program in Law

The Special Program in Law is a unique and highly selective program that allows high school students to declare their interest in legal careers even before they arrive at college. Students accepted into the program receive one-on-one support through the Pre-Law Center throughout their undergraduate years to prepare them for the challenges of law school. In addition, the Special Program in Law hosts many events that may include legal workshops, lectures, events, coursework with professors from UConn’s School of Law, guest speaker visits, and mentorship from practicing attorneys.

UConn offers more than 100 majors, any of which can be combined with the Special Program in Law. Students should choose a major that interests them. Many students study the humanities, such as English, philosophy, or political science, but science and mathematics students are equally suited for the Special Program in Law and law school itself. Any major can prepare you for law school.

Members of the Special Program in Law immediately become members of the Honors Program. They are also granted preferred admission into the UConn School of Law upon successful completion of Special Program in Law requirements and meeting certain other factors., These factors include:

  • Maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA as an undergraduate
  • Earning an LSAT score equal to or greater than the School of Law’s median score of the prior year
  • Performing favorably in interviews during the junior and senior undergraduate years

The Application Process

UConn applicants who are interested in applying to the Special Program in Law should follow the procedure outlined on the Undergraduate Admissions page.


Your education will include coursework on the Storrs campus as well as special seminars and events at the School of Law. Upon completion of your undergraduate degree requirements, the University will confer a B.A. or B.S. After fulfilling all requirements for the professional degree, the School of Law will confer a J.D. The program provides flexibility to accommodate individual choices, including options for an accelerated undergraduate path or taking an extra year to graduate.

The Accelerated Program in Law differs from the Special Program in Law. Information about the APL for current UConn students can be found here.

Requirements for the Special Program in Law (“SPinL”), Effective Fall 2016

Course Requirements

Freshman Year – UNIV 1784  “Law, Lawyers & Society”

Junior or Senior Year – UNIV 3784 “The Canon of American Legal Thought”

Sophomore, Junior or Senior Year – one law-related course (or course pre-approved by Pre-Law Advisor)

Event Requirements

Attend the SPinL Welcome Dinner – fall every year

Attend the SPinL End of the Year Event – spring every year

Attend two events at UConn Law School over 4 years (group or individual)

Attend one SPinL event per semester (Lunch with Lawyers, special evening program, etc.)

Attend one workshop on each:

(1) LSAT preparation, fall of Junior Year

(2) personal statements, spring of Junior Year or early fall of Senior Year

Meet with Pre-Law Advisor annually

Fulfill all Honors requirements


Volunteer at UConn Law School Fair and Frontiers in Undergraduate Research (minimum of one hour each, one time each, before graduation)

Help with Open House Pre-Law presentation in either fall or spring (minimum of one hour, one time before graduation)


One summer job or internship in a law-related organization

Participation in a University organization related to law or in a pro bono project

SPinL Council

Composed of 2 volunteers from Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes and facilitators for the Freshman Class, to provide advice to the Pre-Law Advisor, meeting with him or her at least one time each semester.