Special Program in Pharmacy

(The Special Program in Pharmacy was offered to students who entered UConn through Fall 2019.)

The Special Program in Pharmacy offers talented students who are focused on a career in pharmacy the opportunity to combine pharmacy instruction and training at one of the top public research universities in the nation.

The purpose of this program is to nurture a diverse group of highly motivated students to succeed with more flexibility and enrichment in their undergraduate and professional studies. This six-year program links two years of pre-requisite and general education coursework with four years of professional pharmacy education resulting in two degrees: a BS in Pharmacy Studies and Pharm.D.

Students will be linked to the School of Pharmacy during their first two years of study through special seminars, research opportunities, mentorship, and health-profession events, all aimed at supporting the achievement of curricular and career goals.


The Application Process – (offered through Fall 2019)

UConn first year applicants who are interested in applying to the Special Program in Pharmacy should follow the procedure outlined on the Undergraduate Admissions page. This program was offered for student entering through Fall 2019.


As a student in the Special Program in Pharmacy, you will follow the prerequisite course work as a pre-pharmacy major for prior to applying to the School or Pharmacy. It is expected that you will be accepted to the School of Pharmacy providing you have met the criteria for admission.