Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Ana Cerda

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2013
Undergraduate Major(s): Biology and psychology
Currently Employed By: New England center for children, Special education teacher
Updates: I am currently working on my Masters degree on clinical counseling psychology. I am about halfway done. I continue to work full time at an school for children with autism. In the past year I’ve transferred from the residential program at the school to the day school program.

2009 Rowe Scholar: Ana Cerda

Ana Cerda
Ana Cerda

Ana Cerda was born in the Dominican Republic but relocated to New Haven, Connecticut when she was three years old. She is a recent graduate of Hill Regional Career Magnet High School and is a member of UConn’s Combined Program in Medicine with a major in English. She has participated in several programs through Yale University’s Partnership Program of Anatomy and Physiology that have given her the opportunity to do such things as work with medical students on cadavers, listen to presentations about medical and health issues, and hear lectures by medical professionals. She is also the proud new sister to her nine year old adopted brother.