Rowe alumni

Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Leonela Villegas

Dr. Leonela Villegas

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2012
Undergraduate Major(s): Chemical Engineering
Currently Employed By:
Updates: I finished my Pediatrics Residency at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in June 2019! I decided to stay at CHOP and pursue my Pediatric Nephrology fellowship with a focus on global health.

Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Alexa Friedman

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2018
Undergraduate Major(s): Individualized: Health Human Sciences
Currently Employed By:
Updates: Entering the second year of my doctoral program and I am working on a manuscript, an F31 grant application and a Ford Foundation fellowship application! Also running my fifth half this upcoming November which is relevant since Rowe inadvertently introduced me to running (thank you Tanya!)

Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Sharon Cherian

Sharon Cherian at her White Coat Ceremony.

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2018
Undergraduate Major(s): Cognitive Science
Currently Employed By:
Updates: After graduating from UConn in 2018, I moved to West Virginia and started medical school at WVSOM. I am currently in my second year here and life has changed quite a bit. I went from being super involved with clubs and extracurricular activities in undergrad, and now most of my time is spent studying. Academics can be tough but I love learning clinical skills and applying what we are learning to real life situations. I am involved with a few organizations at my school, including being VP of the National Osteopathic Women Physicians Association (NOWPA). Other than that, nothing else is new, besides the fact that most of this year will be me preparing for my national board exams in May/June. If anyone wants to learn more about osteopathic medicine or applying to DO schools I am happy to help!

Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Christina Jiang

Christina Jiang at her White Coat Ceremony.

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2017
Undergraduate Major(s): Molecular and Cell Biology, Nutritional Sciences
Currently Employed By:
Updates: I am currently a first-year in medical school. In the past 2 years, I completed a M.S. in Nutritional Sciences at UConn and worked as a medical scribe for Scribe America. I have worked in the emergency departments at St. Mary’s and St. Francis. I was a Project Manager for Scribe America at UConn where I helped establish the scribe program at UConn Dermatology. I also worked in Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, and ENT at UConn. During my master’s degree, I also worked as a tutor for the UConn athletes and a Starbucks barista.

Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Ollayos

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2017
Undergraduate Major(s): Nutritional Science
Currently Employed By: Yale New Haven Hospital, Registered Dietitian
Updates: I am currently working as a Clinical Dietitian in acute rehab / long term care. I oversee both a 120 and 124 bed skilled nursing facility to assure quality nutritional services are provided to all residents, including patients with enteral and parenteral nutrition requirements, pressure injuries, chewing and swallowing difficulties, and significant weight loss. I am hoping to pursue my certification in nutrition support in the near future!

Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Mallory Perry

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2014
Undergraduate Major(s): Nursing
Currently Employed By: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Postdoctoral Fellow
Updates: I graduated with my PhD in May 2019 from UConn School of Nursing. In August, I began my tenure as a postdoctoral fellow for academic diversity at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in a joint effort with the University of Pennsylvania.