Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Athena Tao

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2014
Undergraduate Major(s): Pharmacy
Currently Employed By: Kaiser Permanente, Pharmacist
Updates: After graduating with a PharmD in 2016, I moved to Seattle for a new start and new opportunities! Currently, I spend half of my time working as a mail-order pharmacist at Kaiser Permanente of Washington and half of my time as a freelance illustrator.

2010 Rowe Scholar: Geyang Tao

Geyang Tao
Geyang Tao

Geyang “Athena” Tao is originally from Nanjing, China and has had the opportunity to volunteer at a Chinese non-profit organization called the Amity Foundation, which works with children with physical and mental disabilities. She has lived in West Hartford, Connecticut for most of her life and graduated from William H. Hall High School, where she studied Spanish and Japanese. She will be a Pre-Pharmacy major at UConn but she also greatly enjoys studio art and languages; besides her working knowledge of Spanish and Japanese, she is fluent in both Chinese and English.