Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Chevaughn Wellington

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2015
Undergraduate Major(s): Molecular and Cell Biology
Currently Employed By: John Dempsey Hospital, Administrative and Patient Support Staff – Student Worker
Updates: I am currently enrolled in courses in UConn’s MPH program and working part-time at UConn’s Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic. Also, I am volunteering at Connecticut Children’s where I am assisting with a research study. Furthermore, I have applied to medical school this cycle. So far, I have received 8 interview invites, attended 6 interviews, and have been accepted to 5 schools.

2011 Rowe Scholar: Chevaughn Wellington

Chevaughn Wellington
Chevaughn Wellington

Chevaughn Wellington is from Bloomfield, Connecticut. She graduated cum laude from the Ethel Walker School with high honors, an achievement she’s very proud of because of all the hard work it entailed. Though Chevaughn likes to sing and do community service on behalf of children, she’ll be pursuing her interests in public health, women’s studies, global issues, and molecular and cell biology while at UConn. She hopes to become a doctor and was inspired to do so by an experience she had shadowing an OB/GYN, the specialty which she will practice.