Rowe Researcher: Transition from NICU to Home

Stephanie Jorge in the NICU.
Stephanie Jorge in the NICU.

Summer 2011: Family Empowerment in the Transition from NICU to Home: Evaluating the March of Dimes Family Support Program

By Stephanie R Jorge, Regina M. Cusson, Ph.D., NNP-BC, APRN, FAAN

The University of Connecticut Health Center’s (UCHC) March of Dimes Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Family Support Program (MODFSP) provides families of NICU patients with programs, support specialists, educational materials, and community resources to aide in the emotional and physical adaptation to a new life with a premature infant. I worked directly with Dr. Cusson and the March of Dimes Family Support Specialist at UCHC, Jeanne Lattanzio, on evaluating the effectiveness of the MODFSP, specifically the use of the NICU Family Handbook and the transition to home module, which assists NICU nurses in preparing NICU parents for the competent care of their infant within the home environment. Evaluation occurred through the use of two student-developed surveys which were completed by parents and staff who used the Handbook.  Both surveys included several questions answered on a Likert scale and open-ended qualitative questions.

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