COMM 1100-035: Principles of Public Speaking

Instructor: Yerina Ranjit

Employers demand strong communication, presentation, and public speaking skills. As a future professional, you must be a confident speaker and have the ability to organize and prepare clear, concise, and interesting presentations. This course will prepare you for the future by helping you to develop specific methods for speaking and delivery as well as critical thinking and analytical skills that focus on how to organize a presentation, solve problems, build arguments, and be creative. As a honors section of this course, students will be expected to deliver clear and effective presentations and be able to write effective and well organized outlines. Students will be expected to demonstrate significant growth and development of skills as the course progresses. Students will also be expected to prepare for speeches by utilizing a variety of techniques, including but not limited to: peer to peer and online speech video recording. Finally, students will also be expected to improve their speech analysis skills by attending on-campus public speaking events.