EPSY 3830: Individual Differences in Creativity (Conversion opportunity)

Instructor: James Kaufman

While this is not an Honors course, Prof. Kaufman welcomes Honors students of any major and would be happy to offer Honors conversions for interested students.

What makes people creative? What traits, abilities, or personal factors help make you creative (and creative in different ways from your friends)? This class will discuss how your personality, motivation, intelligence, emotional intelligence, and other parts of who you are work together to help you be creative. You’ll learn “best practices” to increase your own (or others’) creativity and you’ll gain insight into related topics such as discovering your personality profile, how IQ tests work, what motivates you, and similar questions.

For the Honors conversion, I will want you to use more original sources and delve deeper in them– so assignments about writing about an article on creativity will ask for higher level analysis, and the final project will ask for more professional articles cited and discussed.

Prof. Kaufman is also willing to waive the prerequisite of EPSY 2810; email him for a permission number.