MKTG 4895-001/BADM 4895-002: Social Entrepreneurship & Marketing – CONVERSION OPPORTUNITY

Instructor: Narasimhan Srinivasan

Prerequisite: MKTG 3101 or BADM 3750

Social entrepreneurship combines the passion of a social mission with the discipline of business, including innovation, creativity, and rugged determination. The social entrepreneur applies practical solutions to social problems. The result may be a new product, new service, or new approach to a social problem. Entrepreneurial skill and energy can be brought to bear on social problems and unmet needs, transforming them into authentic opportunities to create social value. Social entrepreneurs need to understand the similarities of what they do with the orientation and activities of for-profit entrepreneurs. However, they also face unique issues of measuring social benefits, acquiring donated resources, and knowing what “success” means in a nonprofit environment. This course provides you with the latest thinking in social entrepreneurship and gives you hands-on experience in developing a business plan for a social enterprise.

Honors credit is available for this course, and it is jointly offered on the Storrs campus as MKTG 4895-001 (Business Majors)/BADM 4895-002 (Non-Business Majors) for Fall 2016.