UNIV 1995-001: Special Topics: Next Generation STEM Skills

One credit, Honors.
Jaclyn Chancey and Kaitlin Heenehan

Science is a human endeavor, conducted by people working in communities and being influenced by—and in turn influencing—society as a whole. This makes STEM practice complex and “messy.” Future professionals in STEM fields will need to think critically about problems that require interdisciplinary cooperation, and they must be able to communicate effectively with various audiences inside and outside of STEM.

Come explore this messiness across STEM disciplines in a small seminar format!

  • Participate in weekly presentations from faculty and other professionals
  • Interview two STEM professionals whose careers interest you
  • Connect class topics to current events
  • Personalize your learning and plan for future career development

This year’s presenters will include John Bau (Center for Career Development & Engineering); Dr. Lucy Gilson (Management); Dr. Amy Gorin (Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy & Psychological Sciences); Dr. Rowena Grainger (Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships); Dr. Heather Heenehan (NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center); Dean Kazem Kazerounian (Engineering); Dr. Thomas Long (Nursing); Dr. Caroline McGuire (Office of Undergraduate Research); Dr. John Redden (Physiology & Neurobiology); Dr. Margaret Rubega (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); Dr. Leslie Shor (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering); and Dr. Stephen Stifano (Communication).

Course structureThis class will meet for two hours each Friday. The first hour (2:30 – 3:20) will be devoted to the speaker series and will be open and advertised to all interested students. The second hour (3:35 – 4:25) will consist of additional discussions and small group activities limited to those enrolled in the course.

A permission number is required. Please email kaitlin.heenehan@uconn.edu and include your name and 7-digit Student Admin number.