ENGL 1616W-001: Major Works of English and American Literature

Topic: The Art of Storytelling

Instructor: Clare Costley King’oo

Prerequisite: ENGL 1010, 1011, or 2011

In this Honors course, designed primarily for non-English-majors, we will encounter several works judged to be literary masterpieces. Our aim will be to explore the art of imaginative story-telling over time, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century (i.e., from Chaucer to Achebe). We will consider questions of narration, representation, genre, literary authority, intertextuality, and canonicity. Our discoveries will be the focus of our own rigorous writing practices, as we work on improving our argumentative and stylistic skills through a range of reports and essays (with revisions). Lively participation in class discussions will be expected and warmly encouraged.

CA 1, W.