POLS 5505: Seminar in Public Law

Instructor: Kristin Kelly

With your advisor’s approval, graduate courses may be included in your Honors Final Plan of Study for graduation. They also count toward your Honors participation requirements.

This course focuses on the relationship between law and U.S. society.  In this seminar, law will be approached as both a political and a cultural institution that constitutes and is constituted by the society within which it operates.  The course is organized thematically and will include topics such as the definition of law, law’s violence, law and identity, feminist legal theory, law and social change, law and the “problem” of litigation, and law and social control.

The class will follow a seminar format and the majority of each class period will be devoted to discussing the assigned readings.  Participation in seminar discussions is therefore expected as a major component of your responsibilities in this class.

If you have questions about the course or if you would like to request a permission number to enroll please contact Professor Kristin Kelly (kkelly@uconn.edu).