POLS 3608: The Art, Science, and Business of Political Campaigns

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Successful political campaigns rely on the creative ability, scientific knowledge, and business acumen of experts. Students will review groundbreaking studies of campaigns and elections. They also will participate in simulations involving activities carried out in contemporary elections. Each student will become an expert on a single congressional election and analyze how the candidates’ campaigns practice the art, science, and business of politics as demonstrated by their messaging and communications, voter targeting and mobilization drives, campaign organization and fundraising, and other activities. Students will demonstrate their expertise through presentations and written assignments. Weekly seminars will include discussions of various aspects of elections and the impact of current events on congressional and presidential campaigns.

Trouble registering? This class has a catalog-level pre-requisite of POLS 1602. Professor Herrnson has indicated that a high school American government course or similar experience would be sufficient, even if you did not earn AP credit. If you are an Honors student and want to register for this course, please email honors@uconn.edu and include (1) your name; (2) your 7-digit Student Admin number; (3) the course number and section (POLS 3608-001); (4) the class number in Student Admin; (5) confirmation that there are seats available in the course; and (6) a brief description of your knowledge of American government.