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How an Honors Student Goes to a UConn Basketball Game

Perhaps something you may not know is that Honors students at the University of Connecticut are among the most supportive fans of UConn Basketball on campus. We truly embrace Huskymania. You will often see Honors students in the front row at both men’s and women’s games, leading cheers, singing the fight song, shouting, and jumping up and down to the point of exhaustion. Honors students at UConn take pride in every aspect of our university, and athletics are no exception.

So let me describe to you my typical experience at a UConn basketball game on campus at Gampel Pavilion. I start by getting in line a few hours early in order to make sure I’ll be able to get my usual front row seat. If I have a class during this time, someone will switch off with me so that we can keep our spots. I’m speaking, of course, of taking my place in line, not class. It’s never a good idea to switch off classes with friends, no matter how excited you are about the game! Depending on my mood, I will spend my time in line doing anything from listening to my iPod to studying for a midterm. Eventually, I’ll perk up from whatever I’m doing to boo the opposing team as it walks off the bus into Gampel. (As I said, Huskymania is a powerful force.) The doors open an hour and a half before game time. I rush down to the front row to grab my seat along with my friends.

Then comes the most important part of preparation for the game–break out the face paint. I paint half of my face blue and the other half white, adding a U and a C as a finishing touch. A blue and white wig adds to the ensemble. Finally, I don my Jonathan the Husky cape and head back down to the front row to watch our players warm up. I’m ready.

Game time. All of the students and fans start the game by clapping until UConn scores its first basket. The student section stands during the entire game, jumping and shouting when our team is on defense and yelling a cycle of cheers (U-C-O-N-N, U-C Let’s Go!, and Let’s Go Huskies!) when it’s on offense. TV cameras turn to the front row to get our excited reaction after a thunderous dunk, huge blocked shot, or swished 3-pointer. By the end of the game, I have sore calves and a hoarse voice, but it’s worth it every time.

All UConn students, including Honors students, show incredible pride, spirit, and enthusiasm for this university because we are:

Students Today. Huskies Forever.

John Dearborn ’13 (Political Science)
HIPS Coordinator

Meet the Honors Initiative for Prospective Students (HIPS) Group

The Honors Initiative for Prospective Students (HIPS) was originated by a group of students based on their interest in assisting with the recruitment of prospective Honors students. This student-run initiative introduces prospective students to the unique opportunities available in the UConn Honors Program. HIPS-sponsored events include the “Meet & Greet,” which introduces high school seniors admitted to Honors to the Program’s staff, students, and faculty. These spring semester programs offer prospective students a first-hand account of life in Honors. In addition, HIPS assists with Honors information sessions at the Fall Open House and the Spring Open House for admitted students.

To showcase the diverse and exciting Honors student experience at the University of Connecticut, the HIPS blog will cover topics, such as Honors courses, freshmen seminar classes, internship opportunities, Honors housing, research opportunities, the Honors thesis, student organizations, and attending UConn sporting events, just to name a few. Stay tuned to stay informed!

Student coordinators (and their office hours):
John Dearborn, Senior, Political Science major (Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30 p.m.)
Laura Santry, Junior, Spanish and Physiology and Neurobiology double major (Mondays, 12-2 p.m.)
Suzanne Xie, Senior, Mathematics/Actuarial Science major (Tuesdays, 11 a.m.-12 p.m.)

Program Advisor:
Rebecca Gates (

Questions?  Email or call (860) 486-1177 during a coordinator’s office hours.

New Full Scholarships for Exceptional State Students

By: Kristina Goodnough, UConn Foundation

Under a multi-year agreement, up to five new full scholarships will be available annually to exceptional state students at the University of Connecticut through a gift from the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation.

The gift will allow UConn to provide full support, including tuition, room and board, fees, and books to the students who will be guaranteed admission to UConn’s highly selective Honors Program.  An additional benefit of the new scholarships is financial support for enrichment activities that can include international travel and study, outdoor leadership programs, or research or non-profit internships. Continue reading