Honors Education Abroad Programs

If you are thinking about participating in a UConn program in another country, Education Abroad is a great resource to learn about programs, plan your experience, and engage in reflective learning throughout. Visit their site, http://abroad.uconn.edu/, to learn more about their available resources or to schedule an appointment.

If you wish to explore programs on your own before meeting with Education Abroad, you can use Terra Dotta, UConn’s searchable database that lists all programs available for UConn students. The database also maintains a list of programs pre-approved by Honors as Honors Credit. To search for Honors credit programs:

  1. Visit UConn Terra Dotta: https://app.studyabroad.uconn.edu/
  2. Click “Programs” on the top-left taskbar.
  3. Scroll down to “Parameters.” Under “Experiential Opportunities,” click “Honors.”
  4. Scroll to the bottom, then click “Search.”

Terra Dotta’s listing of Honors coursework also includes partners from the Universitas 21 (U21) program. U21 is an international network of leading research-intensive universities in 13 countries. UConn joined this prestigious organization in 2010 and is only the second U.S. university invited into the network.  Several U21 exchanges, programs, and courses noted in Terra Dotta confer Honors credit.

Note that UConn Honors students can choose to enroll in Education Abroad opportunities that do not confer Honors credit.  For information regarding Honors credit and your academic plan as you consider study abroad options, please visit this page: Earning Honors Credit Abroad.

For any questions regarding Honors Education Abroad opportunities, contact Honors Programming & Events or Education Abroad.