STEM Scholar Executive Board

STEM Scholar Executive Board
As a STEM Scholar, you are expected to engage in STEM activities.

The STEM Scholar Executive Board is a student leadership board that is responsible for planning events, coordinating the STEM Scholar Mentoring Program, and organizing outreach opportunities such as STEM Pals.

Meet The Executive Board Members

Reinier González, Executive Director

Why I joined the E-Board: I decided to be a part of the E-board after the amazing experiences and friendships I created thanks to my involvement with the STEM Scholar community. Thanks to my experiences, I hope to help create longer lasting bonds between our community members, and bring networking and developing opportunities that STEM Scholars haven’t had before.

Roshni Mehta, Communications Chair

Why I joined the E-Board: I joined the E-board my sophomore year because I knew I wanted to get more involved in the STEM scholar community and give back to the program which helped me so much throughout my university experience. When I first came to UConn, it was my fellow STEM scholars who made me feel welcome. 

Jonathan Rucinski, Liaison

Why I joined the E-Board: I joined the E-Board because STEM Scholars is a unique community full of talented individuals who go above and beyond in all aspects of their lives. What is truly special about this community are the bonds that are formed thanks to a common interest in STEM and are further strengthened through our passions outside of STEM.

Ashiti Damania, Co-Networking Chair

Why I joined the E-Board: The STEM Scholar community has felt like a home for me since freshman year where I am grateful to be surrounded by individuals who support and encourage one another. I joined the E-board to be more involved in helping STEM scholars foster connections to build a strong, supportive community.

Paul Isaac, Co-Networking Chair

Why I joined the E-Board: The STEM scholar community provided me with amazing experiences my freshman year and helped me stay sane and connected to like-minded peers during COVID. By being a part of the E-Board, I hope to give back to the amazing community that’s helped me grow by building new connections and helping to revitalize our networking, development, and community events post-COVID.

Qingli Hu, Co-Community Engagement Chair

Why I joined the E-Board: Every STEM Scholar brings a unique perspective to this community, whether it be in academics or anything else. Whilst being different and having diverse interests, STEM Scholar are similar in that we all strive for excellence. Talking to students in the community always amazes me and inspires me to explore.

Richa Balamurugan, Co-Community Engagement Chair

Why I joined the E-Board: I decided to join the STEM Scholar E-Board after having a unique freshman year experience. Although I stayed home and attended my classes virtually, I was able to connect with other like minded students through the STEM Scholar community. I hope to enhance this experience through both virtual and in-person opportunities this year for the STEM Scholar community. 

Taylor Domingue, Co-Social Engagement Chair

Why I joined the E-Board: Freshman year, I saw how welcoming and informative this wonderful community is and was instantly grateful to be a part of it. I applied to be the first-year representative because I wanted to get more involved in planning events and have been with the E-Board ever since! I hope to encourage active participation in the scientific community for the benefit of everyone and make our time at UConn as fulfilling as possible.

Sucika Perumalla, Co-Social Engagement Chair 

Why I joined the E-Board: The STEM Scholar E-Board served as a great opportunity to find others with similar interests and network with other professors and organizations on campus. Overall, I love how it gave those with STEM majors to explore how their major connects to other tangential STEM fields.


Sierra Trudel, Graduate Assistant for Honors and Enrichment Programs

The STEM Scholar community is very near and dear to my heart. I have enjoyed watching each member of the Executive Board flourish in their leadership and professional development, and being involved in a community that supports its members both academically and through fostering meaningful relationships.