STEM Scholar FAQs

A smaller supportive community within the greater Honors Program comprised of students who have received a STEM scholarship, which is tied to remaining in a STEM major and the Honors Program. This community is a great way to get connected to other students passionate about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and have access to resources to achieve success and pursue your interests at UConn, in Honors, and beyond.
No, STEM Scholars are students who have received a STEM Scholarship as part of their merit scholarship package at time of admission. There are many more STEM Honors students than STEM Scholars. Many offerings, events, programs, and advising are open to ALL Honors students – not just those with a STEM Scholarship. There are some events and offerings only available (or priority given) to STEM Scholars in order to build the community and fulfill the requirements of the scholarship.
Kind of – STEM Scholars don’t have different academic requirements for remaining in Honors or fulfilling other university requirements, but STEM Scholars are required to meet with their STEM Scholar Advisor and respond to surveys and emails at various points. STEM Scholars are also required to attend various programs and events as a committed member of the STEM Scholar Community. The three main requirements of remaining a STEM Scholar and keeping the entirety of your scholarship are: remain in the Honors Program, keep a STEM major, and fulfill the engagement requirements (approved STEM Activities per Terms and Conditions outlined for STEM Merit Scholarships)
There are many ways STEM Scholars can fulfill their engagement requirements – check out some of the opportunities here!  Here’s a look at how our STEM Scholars are engaged at UConn: STEM Scholar Husky