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Honors Conversions

There are cases in which you may earn Honors credits in a non-Honors course. To do this, you submit an Honors conversion form (new online form coming Fall 2014) and “convert” it to Honors credit by completing an Honors conversion activity.  Another way to earn Honors credit in a non-Honors course is to take an “Honors enhanced” course. (An enhancement is essentially a group conversion that allows more than one Honors student to convert the non-Honors class as a collective Honors conversion experience).

Conversion Approval Instructions – For Faculty

Online Conversion System (coming Fall 2014) – For Students, Faculty and Advisors

Deadlines: Fall/Spring: End of third week of classes |  Inter/Sum: End of first week of class

What are the standards for an Honors conversion?

  • Go more deeply into method or theory
  • Address more sophisticated questions and/or include more advanced or demanding readings or problems
  • Satisfy more rigorous standards than non-Honors coursework

Examples of Honors conversion projects:

  • Researching and writing an extra scholarly paper
  • Preparing and delivering a presentation of relevant material to the class
  • Attending symposia or lecture series and writing critical reviews of the ideas presented
  • Participation in additional service activities or field experience and analyzing one’s experiences
  • Completing an additional set of challenging problems or laboratory experiments
  • Participation in regular seminars that complement a class

To convert or enhance a course, you must:

  • Contact the instructor and discuss the possibility of converting it to Honors credit
  • Develop a plan with the instructor to work individually or as part of a group to advance the curriculum
  • Submit a signed Course Conversion Agreement within the first 3 weeks of the semester
  • Successfully complete any additional assignments and earn a B- or higher in the course
  • Follow up with the instructor to be sure your work was approved
  • For group conversions, instructors should send names of all students involved and Student Admin #s to the Honors office by the end of the third week of classes.

Things to keep in mind if you want to convert a course:

  • Courses with sections (or equivalent courses) already offered for Honors credit in the same semester cannot be converted, students must enroll in the Honors section or equivalent course. [Students may convert courses where Honors sections are full.]
  • Graduate courses (5000 and above in the course catalog) may count as Honors credit toward your Honors graduation requirements if approved by your Honors advisor on your Honors Final Plan of Study. You do not need to complete a conversion form. Graduate courses will not be noted as “Honors credit” on your transcript.
  • S/U courses and courses placed on P/F are not eligible for Honors credit.
  • If you wish to do Honors work while participating in education abroad you may propose a conversion project with the on-site instructor. Education abroad conversions require approval from the Honors advisor in the department approving the course for UConn credit and the Honors advisor in the student’s major department. Alternatively, you may work under the supervision of the Honors advisor in the course department-from a distance-to complete a conversion project for a course taken while abroad.
  • Honors Course Conversion Forms are due by the third week of classes.
  • Instructors will be sent an email message asking them to approve Honors conversions via the on-line Honors conversion system (instructor portal).
  • Students may check the status of their conversions via the on-line Honors conversion system (student portal).
  • Honors advisors may view the status of the Honors conversions for their students via the on-line conversion system (advisor portal) and clicking on “Advisor Tools – View Conversions.”
  • Completed conversions will take 2 to 4 weeks to process after grades are posted and then the “Honors Credit” notation will appear on students’ transcripts
  • Make sure to consult the regulations included on the Honors Conversion Form Policy found on the forms page.

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Online Honors Conversion System (Approval & Status Review Portals)

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Conversion Approval/Denial Instructions – For Faculty

As soon as you know the student has earned a B- or above and reviewed conversion work, please LOG IN, if you see a security certificate message you are okay to continue.  You will be prompted for your University-issued Net ID (ex: kgk00011) and password to enter our system.  You will also be asked to repeat these entries as an added security measure.

Once the page loads:

  • Scroll down and click on the Approve Conversions button (even if you intend to deny or mark incomplete);
  • Then, Select a Status (approve, deny or incomplete) for each student’s conversion record;
  • If you are giving a student an incomplete for their grade in the course and/or conversion work, please make a note of the expected completion date in the comments field;
    • If someone is missing from your list please email to let us know
  • Next, click on Save all Student Records;
  • Each record saved will have the Status of Processing and remain as Processing until the Honors office reviews the records;
  • Please close all browser windows upon completion.

Important Note: The Honors Online Conversion Management System works best while you are on campus, using a PC and Internet Explorer.  If you have any questions or trouble with the system, please contact Kate DuBois, (860-486-4224) or Patty Szarek at (860-486-0701).

For approved conversions where students have earned a B- or above, the “Honors credit” notation will appear on transcript 3-4 weeks after grades are posted so by early to mid-January/June.

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