UNIV 3784-Z81: Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar

[UConn Stamford]

Instructor: Lori Gresham, Ph.D. 

Honors students are able to enroll without a permission number. Non-Honors students who are interested should email kaitlin.heenehan@uconn.edu for more information. 

Mondays, 3:35-6:05pm, UConn Stamford, in-person

This course invites mid-career Honors students to explore their personal intellectual interests, to expand their knowledge of research approaches within various fields of study, and to examine topics with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. As an interdisciplinary seminar serving Honors students of many majors and led by scholars from a variety of disciplines, an important goal of the course is to cultivate comparative conversations across fields of specialization.  The successful student will present sophisticated and developed ideas in a manner sufficiently generalist to promote learning and innovation across subject areas. Students will also create a plan of action to expand their learning and build their skills and knowledge beyond this course. This plan will include individualized goals for completing the Honors thesis and learning goals for beyond graduation. This course will help support students within a community of scholars as they pursue Honors undergraduate research at UConn Stamford.  

Sample course schedule for fall 2023 (subject to change):

Week 1 – Welcome & Getting to Know You

Week 2 – Guest Speaker from the Library, Using the CRAAP method to assess sources, Brainstorming areas of interest with “Mind mapping”

Week 3 – Faculty Speaker Panel #1 (A panel of faculty members/experts will describe research in their field, including how DEI informs current research)

Week 4 – Faculty Speaker Panel #2

Week 5 – Guest Speaker from Enrichment Programs/Advising, Developing a Learning Plan

Week 6 – Guest Speaker from the Writing Center, Writing within your discipline

Week 7 – Honors Alums Guest Speakers Discussion of their Honors theses and careers

Week 8 – Guest Speakers on the Important of Life-Long Learning

Week 9 – Discussion on Research presentations from various disciplines

Week 10 – Who Has a Seat at the Table? The importance of representation in all fields

Week 11 – Minority Voices in Literature

Week 12 – Student TED Talks

Week 13 – Student TED Talks

Grading will be based on Participation/Engagement and Assignments. Assignments are likely to include: Attending a Getting Started in Undergraduate Research workshop, Identifying reliable sources assignment, creating a Quick Guide for writing within your own discipline, writing Reflections, presenting a “Ted-Talk” style presentation, and crafting a future Learning Plan.