Summer 2019 Featured Courses

MUSI 1003: Popular Music and Diversity in American Society (Conversion opportunity)

Instructor: Alain Frogley

While this is not an Honors course, Prof. Frogley welcomes Honors students of all majors and would be happy to offer Honors conversions for interested students.

An introduction to popular music and diversity in America: jazz, blues, Top-40 pop, rock, hip-hop and other genres. Musicians and their music studied in the context of twentieth-century and contemporary American society, emphasizing issues of race, gender, class, and resistance. No prior musical training or knowledge required.

(CA 1, CA 4)

STAT 1100Q: Elementary Concepts of Statistics


Instructor: Suman Majumdar

It is quite likely that your Honors thesis will require you to use a basket of tools that is often described as “research methods.” An overarching goal of this course is to prepare you to learn these tools and successfully use them.

Topics include: Standard and nonparametric approaches to statistical analysis; exploratory data analysis, elementary probability, sampling distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing, one- and two-sample procedures, regression and correlation. Learning to do statistical analysis on a personal computer is an integral part of the course.