Rowe Alumni Spotlight: Fariya Naz

UConn Year of Graduation (Undergraduate): 2015
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology, Cog Sci minor
Currently Employed By: PlusMedia, LLC, Account Coordinator
Updates: I’m working at a media consulting firm. We give strategic advice on advertising. I coordinate those placements for our clients (this includes magazine ads, newspapers, shared mail, etc.). There’s a lot of market research and testing that goes behind any piece of material that a consumer receives from a single company. I work on about five major accounts (ranging from a wine company all the way to life insurance)–all of which are so unique. We test wording, colors, you name it–the amount of scrutiny behind every object in an ad was the most gainful lesson I learned when I dipped my toes in this industry. The scope is huge and I’m enjoying learning more.

This is different from where I thought I was headed; however, I’m certain I have a long way to go even still.

Rowe Researcher: Neural Mechanisms for Behavioral Differences on Visual Integration in Schizophrenia

rowe researcher and professor
Dr. Chi-Ming Chen and Fariya Naz

Neural Mechanisms for Behavioral Differences on Visual Integration in Schizophrenia

Fall 2014

By: Chi-Ming Chen, Psychology (chair), James Chrobak, Psychology, Emily Myers, Speech, Language and Hearing, and Fariya Naz

Cognitive functions like planning, reasoning, inhibiting as well as working memory are disrupted in schizophrenia. Cognitive impairments precede psychotic symptoms, and findings have consistently shown deficits in visual integration. Specifically, the visual integration disturbance in schizophrenia pertains to both an impaired basic visual processing system as well as reduced feedback from visual attention regions that should actually be amplifying relevant visual representations in contrast to irrelevant information. The goal of this project is to identify differences and establish a baseline in the neuronal oscillations for a visual integration task in individuals with schizophrenia and healthy participants using electroencephalograms (EEGs).

2013 Rowe Scholar: Fariya Naz

Fariya Naz
Fariya Naz (Junior)

Fariya Naz graduated with high honors from Danbury High School. Though her early childhood was spent in Pakistan, she moved to Danbury, CT at the age of eight. At Danbury Hospital where Fariya volunteered in the pharmacy department and interned for the oncology department, she learned that the medical field was right for her. Pursuing what she considers to be one of the most fascinating fields of modern science, Fariya is majoring in psychology and minoring in cognitive science. More specifically, she is drawn to clinical psychology and is currently studying electrophysiology in patients with schizophrenia in Professor Chen’s lab.